Once Upon a Read-a-Thon - Day 1.2 Updates and Mini Challenge

terça-feira, julho 12, 2011

Once Upon a Read-a-Thon
Mini Challenge Question 1:
What is your favorite type of myth (Greek, Roman, Egyptian etc)?
I like Greek mythology.
I don'y know why, but since little their gods strikes me.

Mini Challenge Question 2:
What is your favorite book with some type of mythology in it?
I think that is Darkness Becomes Her. I really like this book.

Reading Updates
Cidade das Cinzas
Started: page 307
Pages read: 100

I'm currently reading:
Now, I'm on page 332

I'm on page 106

I'm on page 50

Total Page Count: 100

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  1. Hey, Vicky!

    Morro de vontade de ler Flawless!
    E que linda a capa de Spells!

    Beijinhos pra vc!


Obrigada por passar no Doki Doki :) A sua visita é muito importante para mim. Gostou de alguma coisa? Não gostou? Me conte! ;)

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